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Hi,I have a 5548UP , but looks like very different from the old Cisco Switches I used before.I cannot find any initial configuration guide and I would like to use it as a basic layer 2 switch plus configuring an IP to be able to be reachable from the...

Frank27 by Beginner
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Hi all,  For C9K stacking, i'm aware of this:Full stack 9300x: 1TbFull stack 9300: 480GbpsFull stack 9300L: 320GbpsMixed 9300 + 9300X: yes, but stack speed will be 480Gbps Full stack 9200: 160GbpsFull stack 9200L: 80 GbpsMixed 9200/9200L stacking is ...

I have a 3850 that has no coverage at all with Cisco.  I`m looking to upgrade from 16.3.8 to 16.6.9, in order to mitigate vulnerabilities.  I can download the software with my account, but I need to know if, for vulnerability reasons, it can be legal...

Hello!Given the tool in the subject, short history, I wanted to upgrade from version 15.2.7E2 to E5, but the webui part was not perfect (attached image). Then I thought I would revert back to E2 and now the device won't load. How can I fix the normal...

xhuithd by Beginner
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Good morning,I have a new "out of the box" IE-4000-8GT8GP4G-E Network Switch. I'm following the express setup procedure but cannot connect to the switch. Browser never opens, step 9 of the enclosed procedure. Has anybody any experience with this type...

Hi - Is there a way to leak aggregated 10/8 from GRT to VRF? I have all different 10.x subnets in GRT but I want to advertise them as single 10/8 to a specific VRF. Is there a way to do that on C9500 platform specifically? If I create a static null0 ...

Why would you add a string like "switchport trunk allowed vlan add 200-201", instead of just adding the VLAN's to the configuration? full config interface GigabitEthernet1/0/12switchport mode trunkswitchport trunk allowed vlan 1,10,20,30,40,60,70,80,...

The scenario is as follows, we have 2 F5 appliances in cluster and 2 Nexus N7K series. Each F5 appliance consists of an LACP 2 x 10G fiber connectivity. Each LACP fiber connects to a different Nexus N7K switch. The thing here is that we are trying to...

jcardona1 by Beginner
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I have faced a problem with Catalyst 3750 recently, after we installed POE IP CCTV by about 2 months the switch suddenly crashed except only 3 ports which have the NVR and 2 cameras connected to. After the replacement of the switch with Catalyst 9200...