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IE-3000-8TC power supply

Greetings to all,


Do I have to order a seperate power supply for Does IE-3000-8TC ?

Kindly share minimum requirements for powering on this switch. 


Is it a must to add power supply ?  

Oleg Volkov


Do You want use two power supply?

and what IE-3000 modules you use?

also you want AC power or DC?


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Just the IE-3000-8TC.  One power supply is enough. But onsite there is only 120AV source available.


So what is the best power option.



As per datasheet and installation, we  can connect power from a separate DC power source on network cabinet directly to the power connectors on switch and its not necessary to order  seperate power supply  PWR-IE50W-AC. 


Details shown in below link. Pls check below link and confirm if its ok.


We may add 8T expansion modules later.  

Yes, you can use existing DC power source.

What DC power available on your cabinet ? (Voltage and available current)


Helping seriously ill children, all together. All information about this, is posted on my blog

If you only have AC power available onsite (" But onsite there is only 120AV source available.") then you are going to need to get something to convert the AC from the 120AV source into DC for the switch. The PWR-IE50W-AC will do that for you. You need to look at your future expansion requirements (will you be using PoE?) to determine if you need the 50 or 65W versions.

Or you need to procure/provide something else that will do the conversion or be a source of DC power. If you do get something else, make sure it complies with all the warnings & specifications detailed in the link that you posted. From what you have said, I think you will find that the Cisco AC power converter will be the most cost effective solution but do your own homework on that one and make sure it fits with future requirements.

Finally, consider if you will need dual power sources for redundancy purpose. It may actually be a requirement in which case I think you will need at least one DC direct power option