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IE-3000-8TC switch communications/factory reset

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We currently use an IE-3000-8TC with an expansion module as a communication hub for 10 different devices within a robotic cell. The device was integrated by a third party who will no longer support the controller because the engineer who developed the network configuration of the switch has since left the company. This device is a part of our VLAN. That being said I can reach all, but a couple of the hardware devices attached to this Cisco switch remotely via the WiFi. What I'm curious about is why can't I connect to two specific devices unless I physically disconnect them from the switch and plug them into the ethernet port on my computer. I've double checked my IvP4 settings to make sure they are correct on both my wifi adapter and my physical port. 

Will an RJ45 cable work for connecting to the console port? Can I access the switch's settings without Cisco Network Assistant?

Any insights or recommendations would be appreciated!

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