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Implementing eigrp on my LAN

I inherited a closed Cisco development network in a Data Center. The administrator(s) who originally set it up used a lot of static routes. They caused a lot of issues before I had to diagram of the network and understood the signal flow. In the beginning I wanted to turn on EIGRP, now I have some doubts. Please help me with some off my questions so I can figure out whether this is the correct path.

Even if I turn on EIGRP the static routes will continue to take precedence because they are weighted with a 1 for administrative distance?

I wanted to start with a 3750 with over 34 VLAN interfaces (subnets) would that be to much dynamic routing for such a small device?

If the other switches do not have dynamic routing turned on will they still the routing updates from the first switch?

I have 2 Cisco 5520 ASA's in this closed network. Will the routing updates flow through them or will I have make rules? Will I have to turn EIGRP on the on them?

What should my roll back plan be?

I have the following switches:

1 3750x

2 6509's

2 3650's

2 Nexus 5000's

2 Cisco UCS 6100

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It depends on your setup and

It depends on your setup and where you want to turn on EIGRP.  If for example you want 3750, 6509 and 3650 all talk to each other via EIGRP, then yes you have turn on EIGRP on all these devices. If this is small network and you only need to enable EIGRP on one or 2 devices then static route may work just as well and you don't EIGRP.  And yes if your turn on EIGRP static routes will still be preferred since they have a lower AD distance.



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