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Input and CRC Error

Level 1
Level 1

                  I have two switches setup: 3750G connected to a 2950. I got only interface CRC and Input errors in switch 3750G and no errors in 2950 switch. I already upgraded the IOS of the 3750G switch, changed the interface speed duplex settings from hard coded to auto/auto and network cable changed. But I am still getting errors in the 3750G switch but none in the 2950 switch.

I checked in the bug toolkit but I cannot find any similar issues.

I am hoping someone encountered this problem. Please help. Thanks.

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Please post the following command outputs (taken from each switch uplink ports):

1.  sh interface ;

2.  sh controller e ;

3.  sh version

On eht 3750G, kindly run the following commands:

1.  Command:  test cable tdr interface ;

2.  Wait for 5 to 7 seconds;

3.  Command:  sh cable tdr interface ; and

4.  Post the output to the output to #4.

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