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Internet Access using VLAN with 4503 & 7206

I have a LAN network with around 60 users. We initially had an unmanaged network consisting of 4 3Com basic switches. We also have 3 DSL internet connections which we have assigned to various user groups(giving them respective gateway addreses).
Recently we purchased refurb Cat4503 & 7206. Now I have installed 4503 which i will use as core/distribution switch & will use to create VLANs for different user groups in our office (4 VLANs altogether).
My question is how do I give them internet access,as right now we have assigned gateway (of internet modem) to user groups & when I create VLANS, I will have to change the gateway to the respective VLAN for the users.

i am thinking of using 7206 for NAT, as 4503 doesn't support NAT operation. But my worry is that will it be able to handle NAT operation for around 60 users? Pls Guide!!!

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Re: Internet Access using VLAN with 4503 & 7206

Hello Saif,

a Cisco C7206 can handle NAT for 60 users but internet connections can be terminated on the router?

Hope to help



Re: Internet Access using VLAN with 4503 & 7206

Thanks fro the reply!! Do you mean to say whether the Internet connections can be terminated on router or not!! I have two Fast Ethernet Ports on 7206 (FE 0/0 & 5/0). I was thinking of applying the scenario i saw on cisco website, which I have attached below. This example only shows one internet connection but I am thinking I can have multiple internet connections like this.

I am thinking of two options, since I do not have enough Ethernet ports on 7206.

  1. Through trunking I bring all vlan trafic to 7206 on FE0/0, then NAT & fwd to another switch using FE5/0 where all three Internet Modems are present.
  2. or Use only one FE0/0 port & like in the example attached, use existing 4503 to fwd packets to Internet Modems.


Saif Farooq.

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