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IP redirect message is not sent

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Hello community. I have Cisco 1000 switch which is capable of static routing. I did some tests to check if IP redirect feature works and seems to be it doesn't. I made topology where next hop for the destination network is in the same subnet as source IP of the host which sends traffic and default gateway for that host is Cisco 1000 switch. I made absolutely the same topology with virtual routers and it works without any issue. IP redirects commands is enabled under L3 interface of the switch. Can you please help to understand what is going on?

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Hello @NetworkingGeek1 

Perhaps, you can use a packet capture tool to capture the traffic between the host and the switch, and check if the switch is sending an IP redirect to the host when it receives traffic that needs to be forwarded to a next-hop that is in the same subnet as the source IP of the host.

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Hello M02@rt37  Yes, I did packet capture and checked the traffic, but the switch is not sending IP redirect message.

Ok @NetworkingGeek1 

If the switch cannot determine the correct next hop for the traffic, it will not send an IP redirect message. Check the switch's routing table and ARP table to verify that the next hop is correctly configured.

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M02@rt37  There is no problem with routing. I can ping destination without any issue.

please check below comment 

@MHM Cisco World  can you explain how uRPF is relevant for ip redirect? And how to disable it? And why should I disable uRPF if everything is configured by default and other device with the same config sending IP redirect, but my switch is not sending ? My switch is forwarding traffic without any issues. My question is: why my switch is not sending "IP redirect" message? Did you get my question?


@MHM Cisco World  this answer has nothing to do with question I asked.

Then skip it.

@MHM Cisco World  can you please do a favor and not to reply under my questions? Please. Thank you.

Sure No problem. 

@MHM Cisco World  thank you.

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