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Isolating two networks



I am new to this forum and networking, and there may be one more appropriate for my question, so please advise.

We need to isolate two networks, or secure the one we have better to accomadate the situation. We currently have the following:

Network A:

- Windows 2003 Server domain controller _ DNS Server

- Linksys E4200 router - providing DHCP;wireless is disabled -- realize this is home use, but we also have a Cisco ASA 5505  available to use instead if necessary or better

- Static IP from ISP  ( I think we have another available, but it is not in use)

- Cable Internet

- Gigabit switch

Network B: - yet to add, but want isolated from Network A:

- IP-based security cameras both wireless & wired--we need to access the video using iPhones or Droids or another PC-there's an app for that. We need a Static IP from ISP.

- Windows XP PC running camera software

What we want:

- Access the cameras & PC from outside using the Internet connection provided in Network A. We will need to use wireless for some of the cameras. We do not want to be able to see the domain (and vice-versa) from the PC dedicated to the cameras.

Basically we do not want our domain exposed to a wireless connection or in any other way other than what it is now. We can buy other routers if need be, but thought maybe the ASA-5505 would be more useful if we wanted to use another Static IP from ISP. Then we would have to add wireless access point device to that network.

Thank you!

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Mandlenkosi Nkiwane

I would suggest you put the camera network in a DMZ and the rest of the network in the secure zone. Unfortunately I cannot help you much with the configuration because of the nature or quality of your equipment (no offense).


Thank you for the reply, and no offense taken. Are you saying the E4200 or the Cisco ASA 5505 will not work for what we want to accomplish? And if not, what equipment would you recommend?

Thank you.

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