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Hi everyone,Thank you for your help. I have some questions about network traffic shaping questions.Currently, we have a Cisco router (28xx), ASA 5520, and a core switch 4500. We have different vlans. We also have Auto QoS running for our Cisco IP Pho...

riderfaiz by Beginner
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Dear all ,We have a new internet connection from DSL cisco router 800 Series (877).You has been delivered it to us with Cisco Router 800 series (Ver 870), when we connect it to the PC directly it’ll work fine with the static IP.But when we try to con...

Greetings All,I hope anyone that anyone that is taking the time to read this can help me with my plight.We are getting poor perfromace out of our 10Gig infrastructure and I am not certain where the problem lies or where even to look. The network admi...

planzone by Beginner
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Hi -I have to following topology...A-InternetEdge-A-Core-A-WANEdge-MPLS-B-WANEdge-B-Core-B-InternetEdgeI've got mutual redistribution between BGP and OSPF working but when I down a WANEdge inteface and bring it back up the routing table doesn't resto...

m.egan by Beginner
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hi,suppose we have two organizaiton A and B. (both are seperate and have their own intervlan routing) - attached is a visio diagram.Ospf is turned on on sw A to reach the vlan 10 and 20 from the routed site (192.168.1.x). Similarily Ospf is turned on...

Our setup has two routers (Core-1 and Core-2) running in HSRP active standby mode and multiple customers are segregated with vlans. we have enabled preempt command on both the core routers.Up to my understanding,> Preempt command should be configured...

R2#sh ip int briInterface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                ProtocolFastEthernet0/0            unassigned      YES unset  up                    up  FastEthernet0/1            unassigned      YES unset  up              ...

Hi,Cisco Claims: - Performance is the biggest and most obvious reason to implement DFCs. You move from a 30 Mpps centralized forwarding system anywhere up to a 400 Mpps distributed forwarding system.I know how we get the 400Mpps but no idea what they...

mukupatil by Beginner
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