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We have this case study in school wherein we are required to build a network for a school. We decided that we are going to use the three layer hierarchical model. I need your insights about choosing between a layer 2 and layer 3 configurations/switches on our layers. What are the pros and cons of layer 2 and layer 3 configuration? I don't mind if it will cost us to implement the layer 3 as long as it is worth it for the network. I need to know WHY I should use layer 3 over layer 2 or vice-versa. Need help pls. Thank you

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Thanks Libi, appreciate it. Will read it in awhile.

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Hi Marco,

another Cisco doc that covers a lot of explanations:

In order to do a design, you need to understand the requirements first. Questions regarding number of VLANs, devices, Users, is Internet or wireless access required, what about firewalls? etc. vs the budget. A 3-layer architecture may be a pipe dream if you don't have the budget. And, if you don't have the budget, you have to work around that. What are you going to do then?? I realize this is a Case Study but coming up with a design that doesn't meet the requirements (b/c you never asked for them) won't get you too far.

If you haven't been given the requirements as part of your Case Study, ask for them. Otherwise, you have to come up with a lot of assumptions and be prepared to defend your design based on your assumptions. If you choose to use an IPv4 design, you may be challenged as to why you didn't go with IPv6 and vice versa.

Something to think about while going over these documents.



Hi Steve, thanks for the insight. Me and my groupmates have already determined about the requirements. I didn't know you guys need it to have a more specific tips on how to get the job done efficiently. Well, it's not really that we don't have a budget, it's just that our professor didn't give us a limit or should I say that she doesn't care how much we reach as long as we implement a good network for the school. Anyway, I appreciate your suggestions Steve and will read on the link you've given. Thanks!

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