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LLDP-MED TLV Commands & Polycom CX600


I'm trying to configure LLDP-MED between a Cat45010+E Sup7 (IOS 15.1) and Polycom CX600 Lync phones. 

I have created and applied the correct network policy for the interfaces.

From these sites, I need to send all the correct TLVs or the phones won't respond:

When a scour the config of the switch, I can't find any related configuration commands relating to the specific LLDP-MED TLV components which are enabled/disabled. Where are they hiding?

I would like to confirm which TLVs are being sent by my switch and if they are matched to the phone.

I can always use the DHCP method, put this is not preferred.




Hi rowansakul,

Is this what you are looking for?

xxxxxxxxxxxxx(config)#lldp tlv-select ?
  mac-phy-cfg          IEEE 802.3 MAC/Phy Configuration/status TLV
  management-address   Management Address TLV
  port-description     Port Description TLV
  port-vlan            Port VLAN ID TLV
  system-capabilities  System Capabilities TLV
  system-description   System Description TLV
  system-name          System Name TLV

xxxxxxxxxxxxx(config)#lldp tlv-select

does this work on the 4500?  Also, don't forget "lldp run"

Also, lldp med-tlv-select works at the interface level.



Nick Bonifacio CCIE #38473

Hi Nick, thanks for your reply.

It appears that all the TLVs for both standard LLDP and LLDP-MED are enabled by default both Globally and on an interface level (or should be), but don't appear anywhere in the configuration (including "full" and "all") except when they are explicitly set to "no".

However, it looks like LLDP didn't properly apply itself with "lldp run" and a network policy. I had to manually enable all the interfaces with the "ldp med-tlv-select" commands for it to work.

Maybe the old reboot would of been the best option....

Hi Rowan,

That is interesting.  Maybe it is the IOS or 4500 behavior that is different?  Anyway,  I'm glad it is working now.  Also, if you found my suggestions useful, please rate them.



Nick Bonifacio CCIE #38473
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