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looking for a solution for two seperate physical servers to share one IP.

We currently have 2 seperate physical servers with seperate copper connections to a 6509. We want to set them up in a way that if one device goes down the other can take over providing services for that 1 single IP.

The question is, is there something on the 6509 switch ios that can be configured to permit traffic from one of these server connections and restrict the other up until the initial connection fails or becomes unavailable to than envoke the other standy switchport of the secondary server?

Again this server is to be for backup or high availability and not looking to load balance.

Many thanks for continued support

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Antonio Knox
Level 7
Level 7

You can use Server Load Balancing

And also use tracking to bring up the secondary server if the 1st one fails.  This can be done with a simple EEM applet.

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