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%MAC_MOVE-SP-4-NOTIF: Host 000b.ab18.9416 in vlan 120 is flapping between p


i am facing the %MAC_MOVE-SP-4-NOTIF: Host 000b.ab18.9416 in vlan 120 is flapping between port Gi1/33 and port Po1 by regular interval. i have 7609 switches connected to the NOKIA L2 switches. attached the configuration of the 7609

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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Hello Wasif,

We had similar issues.

Some type of servers use the same source MAC address on different NICs that are connected to different switch ports.

Check how port teaming is configured on the servers connected to your switches you may want to use a port-channel to a single switch or to instruct the server to use only one NIC (redundancy without load balancing)

Hope to help



I have L3 switch 4507 to which two layer 2 switches are connected one to Gi3/1 and Gi3/2. Even I am getting the similar error messages like HOST 00:0F:FE:71:6F:39 in Vlan 166 is flapping between port Gi3/1 and port Gi3/2. Is the solution given by you applicable here as well? Kindly assist.


Just want to share my ideas.. The host with MAC 00:0F:FE:71:6F:39 is a server (with 2NICs) or any blade server connections ? I have seen this type of messages in both scenarios. Here, you need to disable Spanning-tree settings from the server end.


Thank you


Hi All,

can you please update me how to disable spanning-tree settings in server?

i have the similer issue flaping between port on vlan 1.

i found lot of posting but no one i can see problem solved or a exact solution.. can any one help me to resolve the issue.

thanks in advance



Ryan Carretta
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is most likely a spanning-tree loop. AFAIK Nokia doesn't play in PVST+, only CST, which means if you have a different schema for your vlan STP instanced (aside from VLAN 1), you might be having some issues there.

The good news is that you know the STP loop is happening between ports Po1 and Gi1/33. :)

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