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Jonn cos


Hi all,

I was going through ccna wireless exam certification and came through the following para

APs offer the ability to use more than one SSID. This would let you offer a Guest Network and a Corporate Network and still use the same AP. When the AP has more than one network, it is called a Multiple Basic Service Set Identifier (MBSSID). You can think of it as a vir-tual AP. It offers service for multiple networks, but it’s the same hardware. Because it’s the same hardware and the same frequency range, users on one network share with users on

another and can collide if they send at the same time.

This brings two question

1) On an AP (whether cisco or non-cisco) can we define different channels for SSIDs ? like i have 2 SSIDs, Office and Guest. Is it possible to broadcast Office on channel 1 while Guest on channel 6 ?

2) Why above para is saying users can share with others and collide.

Kindly guide me

Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Mentor

As per my knowledge:
U can not set diff channels to diff ssid

The collision domain is bound by the channels, so theoretically yes it would help. If you have SSID1 and SSID2 both on channel A, they contend for bandwidth. However if SSID1 is on A, and SSID2 is on B, and A & B are non-overlapping channels, then they do not contend for bandwidth.

I think the limitation you would run into in a practical implementation is that you would need one radio for each SSID you want to define. Normally you have multiple SSIDs existing on the same radio, or some SSIDs assigned to the B/G/N radio while others are assigned to the A/N radio.

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Jonn cos


I think i miss the fact but am i correct that one antenna can only work with one channel. Is that right ?

As per my understand:

Each Access point works with only one channel at a time.
Either AP gave 2or 4 antenna but they will work with one channel at a time.

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