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Migration aproach assistance

Hi team, 


I would like your help on this one, 


I just recently started and I have been involved in a project where there are 2 separate buildings (one in front of the other)


The business requirement is to have the less possible service disruption during the window activity, 


the objective is to migrate what it is in the current building to the new building in a slowly manner while having in paralel the service running while we move the current distribution routers and connect them to the new PE devices with new uplinks to ISP


In the new building, we will have exactly the same type of provider devices, but with new uplinks to new 2 ISPs, 

the idea is to put 2 aggregation switches in the middle to receive the connection from old building and having the connections from the new building as well


there will be a fiber uplink between the 2 buildings


we currently have HSRP  in 6807XL devices in the distribution layer as you can see in the image

we have the gateway SVI there, 

I have created the checklist of what I have to do

3. Physical connection between buildings (via Aggregation switch)
4. Primary DR01 Migration
 4.1 Shutdown SVIs on DR01 (Primary)
 4.2 Disable OSPF and BGP Peering
 4.3 Validate that all traffic is routed via DR02
 4.4 Power off DR01
 4.5 Physical Links Disconnection
 4.6 DR01 Unracking
 4.7 DR01 movement to new building
 4.8 DR01 racking and power up in new building
4.9 Connect links to Aggregation switch (to old building)
 4.10 Connect links to PEs
 4.11 Enable OSPF and BGP peering
 4.12 Enable SVIs in DR01
 4.13 UAT



my question is the config that I have to use in the aggregation switch, I mean this is a high level and words of the steps but in the real practices, Im not really sure what config should I put in the config for the aggregation switch based on the plan check list :( to still have redundancy


can someone tell me and guide me so I can make it first in packet tracert and test?


the uplink between building should be connected from each current distribution routers on the current building to the aggregation switch (new building), correct ?

what IP addressing should I put there or what confg based on this scenario?


any help I will really appreciate