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I have two Nexus 3048 switches with different NX-OS versions - 7.0(3)I7(6) and 9.2(1 ) - but the same symptoms: when I set the speed/duplex to 100Full it operates at 100Half even it the remote end at 100Full to. It seems auto-negotiation is always on...

ajtm by Level 1
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Hi,I plan to upgrade the license of our 4500X VSS  Stack from IP-Base to Enterprise. i already looked around and found some different / incomplete how to's and step by steps. Can someone share his expierience. best regardsRobert 

All,  We are looking at 4506 chassis with 8E supervisor.  We have around 30 x 10Gb uplinks. According to Cisco datasheet it only supports 8 x 10Gb. is that right ? Further below it lists it supports 96 uplinks 10Gb + 8 uplinks. What do they mean by u...

cisco8887 by Level 2
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I am facing an unusual issue with my cisco 2960s switches configured as port-security as MAC-STICKY.All the campus access layer switches connected over a distribution switch(Huwei 66XX series) are experiencing continuous mac-address violation in huge...

I’ve done the initial config with the express config utility. Now I can see the switch on my network but all login attempts are rejected no matter what combos I use. Seems to be working correctly, I just can’t manage it. Any help appreciated.

Hi, We have 2 devices configured with HSRP in one interface. Associated to a vlan. On switch 1: !interface Vlan16 description HSRP for HA VMware - 2015Nov13 ip address no ip redirects no ip unreachables no ip proxy-arp stan...

rcapao by Level 1
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hi      i have a 2801 router and its flash is damaged. so i cant use the router bcoz it cant boot up. is there any way that for the time being the router will boot up from the ios file stored in tftp server rather than flash. there will be no system ...

Hi, In order to get a 10G uplink speed between my new Cisco C9200L-48P-4G-E switch I thinking to buy and the Core switch (C9407), Does the C9200L-48P-4G-E support C9200-NM-4X (10G uplink network module) ? Thanks in advance. Hamza,   

HamzaD by Level 1
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OK, is it just me, or can you not ping a 192.168 address when creating vlans for it?For example I created 3 vlans with the config below and can ping each one from my data network gig0/1.10encapsulation dot1q 10ip address