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Module for a 2600


I have a 2600 that I am wantign to use at home. Problem is that I believe I need a module to add another fastethernet port. I am wanting to hook it up to my cable modem and as the 2600 only has one ethernet port I can not do this. I asked on another forum about this and someone said that I'd have to buy a 2600xm inorder to do this. I find it kinda hard to believe that there isn't a module that I can add that will accomplish this. I did a bit of looking and it seems that there is a few things that can accomplish this.

This is just one I found. I'd really like to not have to replace this router. Am I incorrect?

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What I am thinking is using a NM-2W Network Module along with a WIC-4ESW. Will this work?

According to this page it should:

It says I just have to have 12.2 ios installed.

Hello Nathan,

wic-4esw and wic-1enet are standard hardware on your 1700 routers and while the 16ESW module will work on your 2600 these others will not.  wic-4esw typically comes with your 1711 and 1712 routers but can be used in most of the 1700 product line.  Also note that while most of your NM will work on 36 and 3700s they may not be supported on the 2600s.

BTW you've posted in small business routers you should get some more input on the enterprise side of the house.



Well, its sortof a small buisness I'm starting. I just am wondering what I need to hook this up to my cable modem. WOuld it be possible to get a cable modem that does dce/dte and just use a serial cable/module?

The 16ESW module is not cheap.  But there are other modules which will work on 2600xm's and maybe 2600s, here's a few I've had experience with;

NM-4E = 4 10mbps ports

NM-1E = 1 10mbps port

NM-1FE-TX = 1 100mbps port

As far as I know the cable/dsl modems are going to be ethernet.  Additionally, the serial interfaces will drop your traffic down to 1.5mbps.

ya I was affraid of that. I just read something taboo but its a last stich effort. I read you could use a NM-1FE-TX withthe ram maxed out and a certain ios flashed. I have all of the ios's for the 2600 downloaded, don't ask how. Would this be possible?

Would this be possible?

Nathan, I know that some folks have had success with some modules which aren't included in the list of supported modules for the 2600/2600xm's but I can neither confirm nor deny that claim.

I posted a reply in that thread asking for more information about that. Who knows. I'd just like to not have to buy a 2600xm

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