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Multiple ip on Window Server on single NIC card using VLAN Concept

Kuldeep singh


I want to allow multiple ip on Windows server using VLAN concept on Switch.

But I have problem with deciding scenerio which will be non-problematic.

I tried two network diagram for my scenerio but i am not sure which is best. So  

please help me to suggest best network diagram from your side and explain also

denied network diagram ( why it Rejected) . If any changes need in network diagram,

do from your end. Please see the attached two network diagram ( diag01.jpg, diag02.jpg).

Question1 =   PC1 ( can ping/access  Laptop1 three ip (,,

Question2 =  Laptop1 (,, can  ping/access  PC1 (  through three ip's.



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Kuldeep singh

Nobody showing interest in my problem but I am in trouble. It is high priority task for me.

For 3 different subnets, some choices...

1.  Use multiple NIC cards; one per subnet

2.  Run VMWare on the server - and configure a trunk from the VMWare server to the switch.  It does allow you to configure a trunk with multiple subnets.

3.  It may be possible to run a trunk without VMWare - but I have never come across it.  Trunking implies there is a way to set up the Ethernet card with VLAN tagging.

It looks like Windows server 2012 does have VLAN capability - basically what you do is set up Teaming capability on the NIC card, then underneath that set up vlans; THEN you add the IP address to the appropriate VLAN interface within the teaming interface.

Using multiple NIC's still wont resolve the routing table issue.

When it comes to Windows, you only want to use IP addresses in the same subnet - unless you enjoy pain and things breaking intermittently.

Yes, I guess questions are

- is there a REASON to have multiple IP addresses, particularly on one NIC card; If it's a web server, it's STILL better to differentiate with URL headers.

- Why do they have to be in different subnets?

Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You can give the Windows server three different IP addresses from the same subnet in the one VLAN1, but not in different VLANS.  The windows server will not be able to handle the routing.

You need to come up with a different solution to your problem.

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