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Multiple serial interfaces in 2911 Router


I have a cisco router 2911 with two HWIC cards, each having 4 serial ports, totalling 8 serial ports. On each serial port we will get raw data sent from radar towers. It is important that we can read this data and forward it out at a specific IP address with UDP, on interface gigabitethernet 0/0.

So to the question

On serial 0/0/0

All data received should be sent out to multicast on port 13211 using UDP, is this possible? Keep in mind that the data incomming is just raw streams of data really, if we have to encapsulate it somehow, I'd be happy to receive suggestions.

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Multiple serial interfaces in 2911 Router

There was a feature from Cisco on some routers that appears to do pretty much what you need. It was Circuit Emulation over IP (CEoIP). However it requires a special serial card rather than normal serial HWIC. And as far as I can tell it was supported on ISR G1 2800 routers but not on ISR G2 2900 routers.

The closest thing that I can think of that might work for you would be configuring STUN. STUN basic might come close but I am not sure that it would do exactly what you need, especially specifying the UDP port number. But you might check it out. It does appear to be supported on ISR G2 and would require the DATA license.



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Re: Multiple serial interfaces in 2911 Router

I greatly appreciate your reply.

Really what we're looking for is a way of converting the data coming from the serial port to go over IP. Isnt there a way to construct UDP/TCP packets out of raw data comming into a serial interface and then shipping it off to a default IP address?

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