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N7K-F132XP-15 and VPC - Nexus 7010

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your help with my question....Is possible to create a vpc between two N7K with N7K-F132xp-15 module??? or only is posible to configure the vpc with N7K-M132xp-12??????

I have 2 nexus but i only have the N7K-F132xp-15 modules and the rest are 1gb modules.


Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert


You need an M series module:

The F1 module can only support more than 16,000  MAC addresses when multiple distinct Layer 2 workload domains exist and  each domain comprises fewer than 16,000 MAC addresses. However, to  support multiple Layer 2 domains in a vPC topology, the peer-link must  be able to carry the MAC addresses of all Layer 2 domains. Carrying the  MAC addresses of all Layer 2 domains is not possible if peer-link is  configured on the F1 module ports. Therefore, the peer-link for the vPC  must be configured on the M1 module when topologies have more than  16,000 MAC addresses.

Here is the design guide:


Hi Reza Sharifi,

Thanks a lot for your answer!!!

So is recommended to use a 10G M1 module in order to create a VPC between 2 Nexus 7K, but what happend if my topology has less than 16,000 Mac addresses?? does vpc work with my F1 Module???? Because i was reading your link and could see that the F1 modules are for downlinks, or as a best practices do i must use M1??

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Here is an 8 port 10Gig M series module

Good Luck

Many thanks for the information Reza, i'm going to have in mind when i have to recommend the new 10G M1 module!!

Hi All.

I've read the thread and the design guide.

I understand that M1 module is needed for vpc peer-link for mac addresses more than 16K.

So, can we confirm that if my mac table is below 16k, I am good to go to use F1 module for the vpc peer-link?