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need help in my config about gurantee bw !!

hi ,

i want to gurtantee bandwidth for some users in ACL  , and my request is to gurantee 15 mega for users and dont give hem any additional bw ,

im using router 7600 and this router doesnt accept the command bandwith in  policymap config . do i dependen on police command .

i will paste my config , and need to correct it if  i need any config to be edited .


Policy Map wireless

class-map match-all wireless

match access-group name wireless


policy-map wireless

class wireless

  police cir 15000000 conform-action transmit  exceed-action drop

class class-default

ip access-list extended wireless

permit ip xx.xx.65.128 any

interface GigabitEthernet1/9

ip address xx.xx.xx.166

service-policy output wireless


my question is  , is my config guranteeted bw for the ACL for 15 mega ???

another question , if there were more than 15  mega on the link , will the users in the ACL can exceed the 15  mega and get another availabe bw ??

plz help me as the config above , wt i have to edit above to achive my goal ,

with my best regards

Hall of Fame Master

Hello Ahmed,

with the proposed configuration you are just limiting to up to 15 Mbps the traffic that matches the class-map named wireless, that is traffic wth a source IP address matching the ip access-list named wireless.

There is no elastic mechanism with police command to allow use of unused resources.

The C7600 hardware poses limitations on the QoS features supported. I guess that the involved interface gi1/9 is part of an ethernet linecard so it does not support forms of queueing just policing and marking.

You cannot do better then this. In the future if you want to provide more bandwdth to this traffic class you have to change configuration to use a greater rate.

Alternatively you should install SIP+SPA hardware (modules in the C7600 I mean) or other "WAN" oriented linecards with fewer ports per slot but with more QoS features.

Hope to help



hi  mr

Giuseppe ,

thanks very much for your reply ,

but i didnt nail it down ,

  • does the config above  gurantee bw 15 mega ? , or it just limit the bw to 15 mega ???



Hello Ahmed,

it just provides a BW limitation to 15 Mbps no guarantees strictly speaking

Hope to help



hi ,

this means bad news for 7600 , i began to anger from this 7600  module at all !!!!!!!!!

can i gurantee bw if i applied config to giga interface , or i stop thinking about bw gurantee in 7600 and begin thinking in buying something like 7206 ???

i just need to gurantee bw and hope to be supported .



hi  ,

im just thnkinh in another solution,

wt will happpen if i apply the serive poliy on switch instead of 7600 router ??

my switch is 2960g  , and i think it support layer 3 and      qos ,

i mean this is another soultion is gurantee bw  ..............

do you think it may solve the issue ?


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