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Network Setup Issues

Hi everyone


I hope someone is able to help me with a painful network install I'm currently going through.


The task was to install a Meraki MX64 firewall and MR42 access point. Due to the size and layout of the site, it is proving tricky. The first part was simple. I got the MX64 up and working and the built in wifi is working fine. So far so good. MX LAN is connected to the existing infrastructure - a Netgear GS724T switch. Each compound comes back to this main office via fibre link and it's own switch. I've attached a rough diagram.


Each compound has its own switch - there's another Netgear and a HP switch. All of these switches are default configured - all ports untagged in vlan1.


My MX LAN interface is configured as a trunk, native VLAN1. My MX also has a second VLAN 22, the AP needs to operate on this VLAN. 


Here's the problem:


I have a Meraki switch (trunk port native vlan1) connected to the HP switch. Meraki switch port 8 (trunk port native 22) is connected to the AP. The Meraki switch is up and online but nothing from the AP.


Are the switches in between the Meraki firewall and the Meraki switch stripping the vlan settings or am I configuring the trunking/tagging incorrectly?


I would really appreciate any assistance greatly.

Thank you

Hall of Fame Guru

Re: Network Setup Issues


I have not used Meraki so take that into account but if I understand you are trying to extend vlan 22 to the firewall so every connection between the AP switch and the other switches to the firewall needs to be a trunk link which I am not sure they are from your description. 


In addition you describe the port connecting to the AP as trunk port native vlan 22 but the native vlan is untagged and you don't want it to be untagged as far as I can tell. 


This may be a terminology thing but either way if you want multiple vlans on the firewall you need to trunk all the way to the firewall as far as I can see. 



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