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New to VLans, Switching Routing and Cisco - need some help

Hi all

Im new to Cisco just done the first part of the CCNA, im on a vertical learning curve lol

I hope you can help me out here with a little problem that im looking at

I have a main site and a branch site connected via a slow link

The client wants to keep that slow link in place but he is adding a new faster link between the two site, which is only going to be used by the pc’s in the sales department at both sites.

At the main site there is a 1812 Router and a few 3560 switches

At the branch site there is a 2911 Router and a few 3570 switches

Also only static routing is being used.

I was thinking do i need to create a Vlan on the switches just for the pc’s for the sales department and assign these vlans to the router switch ports for both sites.

I have set out these steps

  • •1- Create vlan on main site switch – vlan 5
  • •2- For port range for sales dept set Switchport access vlan 5

  • •3- On main site router create Vlan 5
  • •4- Pick an interface on main site router and assign ip address and vlan 5

Eg Interface fa3

Ip address xxxx (ip of new link and subnet)

Switchport access vlan 5

  • •5- Do i need to put in a new static route?
  • •6- And do the same on the branch site

Im thinking i have got this totally wrong, I’ve been told that i need to create a Vlan on the main site router so i have been working on that basis. As you can see im a real novice so please let me know what commands i should be using.

Thanks guys and girl

Jeff Van Houten

You need to start with a drawing. Put the networking equipment on paper, connect the interfaces, put in the addresses, put in the internet connection, then it will become clear. Start with a clear understanding of what you have, then add what is going to be added, then draw it the way you think it should be. The technologies and the commands to configure will then be a natural result of the plan you've made.

If you have problems with the commands this forum can help AFTER you show the plan.

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I just want to know am i thinking along the right lines , im struggling to even draw out the current network

Hi Ben

Will the faster link be connected to the existing routers at each end or new ones?

Will it be a point to point link?

If you just want the sales staff to use the new link and all other users to use the slower link, you need to concentrate on the routing. The switching element will be fairly easy as you just group your sales staff into a single Vlan but in order to ensure their traffic gets routed across the new link, it will depend on how the routing is being done currently and what type of link sits between the sites.


Thanks for the reply

Yes the fast link will be connected to the existing routers at each end

Yes it will be a point to point link, the slow link is a VPN link at the moment

Yes i agree with you the switching element will be easy, i think i can do that no problem

I just need to know what method you would use to get the new link working, currently static routing is being used.