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Nexus 5548 and Define static route to forward traffic to Catalyst 4500

jahanzaib amin
Dear Experts,

Need your technical assistance for the Static routing in between Nexus 5548 and Catalyst 4500. 

Further I connected both Nexus 5548 with Catalyst 4500 as individual trunk ports because there is HSRP on Catalyst 4500. So I just took 1 port from each nexus 5548, make it trunk with the Core Switch (Also make trunk from each Switch each port). Change the speed on Nexus to 1000 because other side on Catalyst 4500 line card is 1G RJ45.
*Here is the Config on Nexus 5548 to make port a Trunk:*
N5548-A/ N5548-B
Interface Ethernet1/3
Switchport mode trunk
Speed 1000
Added the static route on both nexus for Core HSRP IP: *ip route (Virtual HSRP IP )*
But I could not able to ping from N5548 Console to core Switch IP of HSRP? Is there any further configuration to enable routing or ping?
Pleas suggest






Mandlenkosi Nkiwane

Can you post both ends of the connection....or rather the config of both devices will be nice for starters..




Please see attached config for both Nexus 5548. I dont have Catalyst 4500 but below is simple config what I applied:

Both Catalyst 4500

interface gig 3/48

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk encap dot1q


On Nexus 5548 Port 1/3 is trunk





I'm not familiar with Nexus but from your config you have on each switch a vlan 200 with 10.16.200.x addresses.

But your default route points to

What is the subnet mask for vlan 200 ?

What exactly are you trying to do ie. is all inter vlan routing done on the 4500s and you just want to connect remotely to the Nexus ?


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