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Nexus 7000 Show Run in XML

                  Hi Guys,

I would like to obtain the show run output in XML. We are running Nexus 7010 version 6.1(4). After multiple reaches, I found out that we need to load the xsd file to the bootflash. So, I've downloaded the n7000_xsd.6.2.6.tar.gz file from the Cisco web site. My question is:

Do I need to unzip the file before it can be accessed?

How do I active the xsd file from the bootflash?

How can I get the running configuration in XML format?

FYI, show ip arp | xml is working fine but show run | xml is still giving me the output in text format. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus 7000 Show Run in XML

Hi Allen,

Yes i am observing the same behaviour in my lab. There is already an enhancement bug in place for this issue. you cannot have any show run command in XML format For Eg: show run ip | xml, everything would be in normal CLI format. At this point this is not fixed. tentative dates are not known.

Is this a priority for your network?

how many N7k boxes do you have?



Nexus 7000 Show Run in XML

Yes, it is a priority. We have 6 N7Ks, 4 N5Ks and 6 2Ks. Can you please forward me the bug information? Thank you for your time.

Cisco Employee

Nexus 7000 Show Run in XML

Hello Allen,

we have prioritized this now. Fix for the enhancement (CSCuj13151) would come in June 2014 in 7.x release. we are also planning to backport the fix in the 6.x release tentative around June 2014.



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