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NTP Configuration ( in Packet Tracer )

Hi guys,


I'm playing a little with packet tracer trying to implement a lot of the things that i lerant and i have some problems at NTP


I have attached my .pkt file to the post ( enable pw : ciscoenpw ) and a screenshot of the topology Screenshot from 2020-03-16 00-08-19.png


I have configured a NTP server outside of my "principal" LAN . I want to sync switches DG, S1, S2, S3 and S4.


For DG i configured ...


ntp authentication-key 5 md5 082F585E190E 7  (the hash would be "ntppw")

ntp authenticate

ntp trusted-key 5

ntp server

ntp master 2  *

ntp update-calendar

... and it worked fine.


Then i went to configured S1 and here is where i got lost


If i want to sync S1 with DG than i think i need to but "ntp master 2 " on DG to make it act as a NTP Master. But what would be the ip addres for "ntp server ...." ? Would i need to make a VLAN Interface for VLAN 50 (Native vlan) or would i use VLAN 40 (Management VLAN). Would i need to put default-gateways addresses on switch ? And if yes, for vlan 40 or 50 (management or native) ( i think managemnt so i can also config it remotely from another network) ?  If i want to sync S1 directly with the server how do i procede ? I think i need to use a helper adress but i am not sure how. To all this things, how do i add NTP Authentication if i want to sync with DG , not directly with the server.


I would like to know what commands should i enter on S1, S2, S3, S4 + on DG if i want to sync directly with the NTP Server and how would the config looks if i want to sync S1 with DG and S2, S3, S4 with S1 (so them would be stratum 4, S1 stratum 3, DG stratum 2). And also, what is the role of every command.


Thank you very much for trying to help me and explain it to me.







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Re: NTP Configuration ( in Packet Tracer )



post the (zipped) Packet Tracer project (.pkt) file...


Re: NTP Configuration ( in Packet Tracer )

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