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Hello,  I'm having issues with loops on Cisco Nexus 3524-X connected with Ubiquiti Devices and Meraki Devices. The topology is somewhat complex, so I will try to be as thorough as possible.  Have two Cisco Nexus 3524-X stacked ( vPc ). One Port chann...

Hi , I have two nexus 9508 as vpc and connected to the core-switch 6500 (vss) as port-channel from the 6500 and vpc from the two nexus 9508 and I created SVI  2 in two nexus  (vlan 2 , and from the core-switch and I ena...

Im planning for an IOS upgrade for 3750E-48TD-S Stacked Switch since the existing ios is an obsolete version.The existing IOS runinning on the switch is 12.2(50)SE2 (c3750e-universalk9-mz.122-50.SE2.bin) .Can someone please suggest a recommended vers...

HI Everyone, Kindly help me to resolve ssh, Ip domain-name is created, Crypto rsa key is generated,ssh v2 is enabled & I'm getting output for the following command, show crypto key mypublickey & show ip ssh.  Line vty configuration line vty 0 4login ...

Resolved! NAT issue on 3850

HI Can anyone help me to solve the nat issue?below is a simple diagram that I used. (all real cisco equipment Router: cisco asr 1k, SW: 3850 Version 03.07.05.E ) SW config: I have configured G1/0/1 and G1/0/2 as L3 port and assigned IP address as per...

nattopo.PNG SWCONFIG.PNG swconfig1.PNG swconfig2.PNG

We are running a stack of 2 WS-C3750X-24S-E's with IOS version 12.2(58)SE2 and we are seeing continuous high processor utilization involving the hl3mm process.  The stack is configured for PIM Sparse mode, with 2 upstream Nexus 5596'es acting as both...

jedson328 by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I have a Cisco Switch 9200Lx48P (Sw version 16.9.3). I have 9 APs connected and working fine and 9 Cameras  with problems. in the begining the cameras were working fine, but suddenly those cameras lost connectivity and now appear as not ...

JRGC by Level 1
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Hi I have read that if we have transparent switches in the domain we should disable vtp pruning for the entire domain.https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3560/software/release/12-2_55_se/configuration/guide/3560_scg/swvtp.html ...

sivam siva by Level 3
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Greetings,I am wondering on this switch cisco WS-C4510R+E (MPC8572) can the cards on the right side of the chassis bus area be changed out?  Or are they programmed to be bound to the slot/chassis they come from?  See how the one on the top is burnt b...

redesigned.backplane.jpg backplane.jpg
bhusebye by Level 1
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I have a 9000 switch and when I try to add one user name, it will take it, adding a second or third and it fails with aaa error user5 5, after adding the aaa new-model statement, it will do the same, one name, this is from the CLI