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OSPF-4-Flood_WAR ;

Gregory Gant
Level 1
Level 1

I am experiencing a Flood WAR in my OSPF network ; OSPF-4_Flood_WAR; Processes re-originates LSA ID X.X.X.X type -2 adv-rtr x.x.x.x in area 0.  Need help  

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

has someone configured a duplicate router ID on one of your routers under the ospf process ? this can cause that alert first thing I would check , check the 2 routers whose ips you have blocked out there and see what there ids are set too

Issue 1

You receive the OSPF-4-FLOOD_WAR error message. The OSPF flood war occurs when the router repeatedly receives its own Link State Advertisement (LSA) and flushes it from the network or sends a new version of it. This is meant to detect issues with Type-2 LSAs when duplicate IP addresses are present in the network, or with Type-5 LSAs when there is a duplicate router ID in different OSPF Areas.

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