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Outbound caller ID

Dustin Petersen
Level 1
Level 1

Hi there,

I currently have a working phone system in place for a company.  We have about 40 users who when calling from any phone inside the company to an external number results in the caller id showing up as the primary business number not the individuals DID number.

For Example:

Whenever anyone calls out and it doesnt matter from which phone, the number that is displayed to the receiving caller is (555) 555-4647 (the primary business number).

They would like to have it so if you are  calling from let’s say 555 555-5601, that the number displayed to the  person being called is that same number (555) 555-5601.

We are running call manager express

The outbound dial-peer is using this command:

clid network-number +15555554647

to give each outbound call a caller id number.

Any idea as to how to accomplish this would be very helpful.

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Since you posted in SBCS-UC500, I can give you the UC500 answer.  Using CCA, the Outgoing Dial Plan CLID tab can adjust to a valid DID as CLID to override the generic PBX DID.


David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Dustin,

We are running call manager express

Is this on an ISR or a UC-500 system? It is important to know as the answers you will get in this particular forum are directed to the UC-5XX branch of appliances.

However in brief, if it is indeed on an ISR, then you will need to modify a couple of things via Command Line.

  • Your DN's may want to have secondary's on them although it is not essential as you can also control this via translation rules
  • You will need a specific set of translation rules in place to modify the outgoing number

If it is indeed a UC-5XX system, then this might be best achieved using CCA as it will automatically sort out the combination of what is needed to achieve this.



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Dustin Petersen
Level 1
Level 1

Sorry for any confusion on my original post.  We are actually using a ISR router with call manager express.  I'm sure assigning translations rules would work fine.  The only thing that I am concerned with is the amount of rules that I would need to use to get the job done since we have around 40 users to translate.  Does any one have any tips or tricks to get around this?

Thanks again.

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