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problem with routing

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Frequent Contributor

Hi, all we have a problem with people on a routed vlan connecting to a server on another subnet, if they try to open a file on the server it takes forever, as soon as we open a ping from the pc, the file opens straight away, the vlans are on a 192.168.10/24 this connects via vlan 1 to our man site where the server also sits on the network, any ideas ?

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I think urs is a ISDN link and it is coming up only on ping traffic. Please let us know the connectivity details to help further. A network diagram will certainly help.


tell us setup ur having.send us the connectivity diagram as attachment so that we confirm the problem clearly.

and also send switch detail ur using ..


bascially the setup is

switch with vlan 10-, connects to head office via vlan 1, server on main site is on vlan 1 also on a, there seems to be issues opening files on the server from vlan 10, it is a 10 meg les link. can anyone help ?

can anyone help on this, As I need help urgently ?

make sure you can see the vlan 10 on the Core switch and make sure the vlan database is created, it souds like you have a routing problem. are you set up as a core dist and access env? Do a sh vlan on the core to see what vlans you have in your database, and then do a pingpatch to the server and see how you are routing.

I can reach the site from both vlans fine, and yes it is a core, dist and access setup. Im struggling to find the problem, it seems to be intermiitant, sometimes its fast, others it fast ?

any ideas

Please post configs.


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