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QinQ Tunneling Supported Platforms

I've looked around and can't seem to find anything so I'll ask here. Can anyone point me to a spot on Cisco's site that lists the LAN switching platforms that will do QinQ tunneling? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Edison Ortiz
Hall of Fame Mentor

It was added in the 3750 and 3560 with 12.2(25)SE

The 6500 has some caveats, the WS-X6548-GE-TX, WS-X6548V-GE-TX, WS-X6148-GE-TX, and WS-X6148V-GE-TX switching modules do not support IEEE 802.1Q tunneling.

If you were to specify the switch in question, we can narrow the search much better.

I knew it was possible on the 6500 series with certain modules, but I guess I could have narrowed it down to either the 3560 or 3750 right off. We're doing a little redesign in our core and want to insert some layer2 only switches into the mix as backbone transport. The original vlan assignments were never planned on being crossed between our LAN core, server farm and security area, so there is significant overlap. Rather than go through the process of trying to sort that out, it seemed more reasonable to implement the QinQ tunneling. Thank you for the response, this helps tremendously.


Many thanks for that, I too have been investigating QinQ support for our own 3750 switches. I am still a little uncertain, though, so maybe you can help...

The Cisco feature navigator page mentions L2PT support for the 12.2(25)SE and later releases but *not* the 802.1Q Tunneling (Vlan in Vlan) feature.

However you are right the release notes mention it, so perhaps the feature is there after all?

The models we have deployed are WS-C3750-24TS-S and WS-C3750G-24TS-S1U (i.e. not the Metro or E models, if that makes a difference).

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!



> so perhaps the feature is there after all?

It is...

Okay, thanks, I didn't realise the Feature Navigator tool was rubbish and incomplete. I have trusted it in the past, but I guess not in the future...!



Feature Navigator is a great tool but there are a lot of features that 'fall off' the Feature Navigator's radar. This feature is a perfect example.

Always check the Release Notes and the switch documentation for commands, in addition of checking in the Feature Navigator.

Under Command History

12.2(25)SE The dot1q-tunnel keyword was added.

I know this is going to be a silly question, but is qinq the same as dot1q-tunnel?

Thanks in advance!

There are no silly questions around here :-)

Yes, I believe they're the same thing. QinQ is a more generic/informal term, and dot1q-tunnel is what Cisco calls the feature.