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question about copying config files from router to another in the same platform


hi ,

i ahve router 7206 used as gateway for internet and has bgp  protocol and ip policy and cache server connected to it ,

i have another router 7206 with the same paltform ,

i copied the config of the 1st router 7206 and put it in the 2nd router 7206 ,

then i  powered up  the 2nd router and disconnected the cables of the 1st router and connetced it in the 2nd router >

note that the same config now in the two routers ,

note that only 1 minute the internet was un availabe , and every thing is okay ,

but my question is  ,

does this may do a problems ????? if yes , what problesm may occur ???

im doubting because im noting some  new problems , is being occured .


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As long as the other router stays offline it should not cause any problems.

Karsten Iwen
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Did you see any errors when pasting the config? There could be problems when the config references something that is not part of the config (keys, certificates and so on). If you work with eui-64-addresses then these will also be different on the new router.

hi ,

non of configs were rejected ,

also im not configuring ipv6


then tell us more about the problems.

hi , here is the link i posted after i faced te problem


Hi Ahmed,

Does both the routers are having the same IOS versions running and same components and same hardware configurations...... Almost when you copy and paste all the configuration will come.... If there is any hidden commands which was applied on the router will not be part of the new router configurations.... also if the new router has any default configuration that will be added.... Any shared key or something if it was there then you need to re apply for a better approach...

Please do rate if the given information helps.



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