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Ha Dao

Radius authentication failed

Hi guys


I am trying to configure authentication login with radius server. The configuration is working fine with 2960, 3860, but something wrong with my 4507


- From 2960, 3860: user privilege 15 and privilege 1 are authenticated right, i can see everything by "debug radius; terminal monitor"

- From 4507: user privilege 15 is authenticated fine, but user privilege 1 is not authenticated, and i can not see log with these commands "debug radius; terminal monitor" even user is authenticated or not.


Radius configuration (same configuration with 2960 and 3860)


username admin privilege 15 password abc123

aaa new-model

aaa group server radius RADIUS-SERVER

 server name RADIUS-68

 server name RADIUS-86




aaa authentication login default local group RADIUS-SERVER

aaa authorization exec default local group RADIUS-SERVER


radius server RADIUS-68

 address ipv4 x.x.x.x auth-port 1812 acct-port 1646

 key xxxxxx

radius server RADIUS-86

 address ipv4 x.x.x.x auth-port 1812 acct-port 1646

 key xxxxxx


privilege configure all level 1 interface

privilege exec level 1 show running-config

privilege exec level 1 show configuration

privilege exec level 1 show


ip radius source-interface Vlan1




This video will demonstrate how to configure ssh authentication via active directory using radius on a cisco device.In our example, we used a catalyst 2960 s...
VIP Advisor


 - What's in the radius server's logs for the failed requests from the 4507 ?


Because i don't control the radius so i can't get log. The important thing for me is why 4507 doesn't show any log even i use debug radius command:


CORE-C4507-VSS#debug radius
Radius protocol debugging is on
Radius protocol brief debugging is off
Radius protocol verbose debugging is off
Radius packet hex dump debugging is off
Radius packet protocol debugging is on
Radius elog debugging debugging is off
Radius packet retransmission debugging is off
Radius server fail-over debugging is off
CORE-C4507-VSS#terminal moni
CORE-C4507-VSS#terminal monitor


After these commands, i am trying to login, even it success or failed, nothing output