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remove all ntp servers with a single command?



I have looked all over the internet and documentations for this but could not find how to remove all ntp servers in a single command for cisco switches 2960, 4500, etc...

basically I have over 1000+ switches that need to change ntp servers. All have multiple ntp servers and some have different ones. What I want to do is to use one statement to remove all the ntp servers at once and add new ones.

switch#no ntp server

The above command returns "% Incomplete command."

It needs these below to work. Can some one advise please?

I wrote a script to do this automatically but I don't know all the switches' ntp servers so I just want to disable all at once.  Thanks for your help. 

no ntp server ?
A.B.C.D IP address of peer
WORD Hostname of peer
X:X:X:X::X IPv6 address of peer
ip Use IP for DNS resolution
ipv6 Use IPv6 for DNS resolution
vrf VPN Routing/Forwarding Information

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The command "no ntp server" is just to disable NTP.  It doesn't mean "clear all NTP configuration".

So if you want to clear out the old config, you'll need to be specific and say "no ntp server <IP ADDRESS>". 

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