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Rep behaviour without Edge Ports


My understanding is that one of the requirements for REP to function is that and edge port is configured.

From this I have two questions.

Question 1.

I wish to deploy a ring remotely. Trunks are in place and forwarding as required. I expect that I will lose connectivity to the devices as I am part way through configuration.

I also expect that I should be able to start configuration at the futhermost point working back to myself.

Once I have configured REP back to my local switch I would expect that I can then traverse the "open link"(only one EDGE configured - at my end) and close the loop at the ther end at which point the ALT port would be chosen.

Are there any gotchas that are going to leave me with a stranded device downstream.

Assume this scenario.

Four switches in a line. y - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - x

I am at location Y. I connect to switch 4 , configure REP on port facing X. Then configure rep on 4 facing 3. (lose connection to 4)

Connect to 3. Configure 3 facing 4 with REP. Configure 3 facing 2 with REP (lose connection to 3)

Repeat for switch 2

configure switch 1 facing 2 with REP. Connectivity from switch 1 to 2,3 and 4 restored.(1 facing 2 configured as EDGE or not?)

Question 2

If you have a closed ring topology with 3 switches 1,2 and 3.

Switch 1 is configured with REP EDGE facing both 2 and 3. If I loose switch 1, What is the expected bahavour for the RING.

I assume it will continue as expected, with no ports blocking?

Thanks in Advance,

Mark Tegg

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