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[RESOLVED] Cisco 3560G syst LED solid green, won't boot

Argh, I'm a sysadmin and I inherited a bunch of network equipment, some w/o login information. I was attempting a password recovery on a Cisco 3560G, which I have done successfully before. I disconnected power, pressed and held the Mode button, plugged power in, the syst LED went solid green after about 2 seconds instead of the usual 15, had putty open with a serial connection (Cisco serial to RJ45) to the console port, a brief message showed on the screen saying to press return, which I did, but nothing else happened. Eventually rebooted without holding in the mode key, but syst LED cam up solid green again

I've repeated the process with no luck, have even played around the with the mode button after reading on another thread that it could possibly be stuck, but no go, not getting any post information in Putty, nothing at all

Any suggestions to try? We were really wanting to replace this unit but needed to get into the config to see what was actually going on, but now I have no internet at our building and about 6 or so hours before people arrive to work, heh heh

Thanks in advance

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Leo Laohoo
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@MarcoBartholomew12745 wrote:

Cisco serial to RJ45

Are you using a USB-to-Serial adaptor?

No, it's the blue Cisco serial to console (RJ45) cable



 - So , on power-up there is no boot sequence listed at all, check the baud-settings on your operator-terminal and or tap the space bar during boot, check if that helps.


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