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SCP implementation

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I am trying to implement SCP communications with all of my cisco devices, migrating from using TFTP.  I have downloaded WINSCP, but I to get it to log into anything.  I'm using a 3750, an ASA5510, an SSM-10 and a 2821 Router.  Is there a simple configuration that I am missing that needs to be implemented.  Thanks for the help in advance.

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Kevin Brennan
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No I hadn't seen that document.  Thanks for the help.  I'll look it over and if I have any questions, I'll hit you back if you don't mind.

Ok, I've tried turning on the server side.  The problem that I'm running into is that it looks from the WINSCP side like it is connecting to the device, in this situation a 3750 switch.  I can input the user name and password.  It looks to be connecting to the host, then authenticating starts a session and then just hangs up.   The software says that the host isn't communicating.  Is there some software that Cisco recommends?  And am I using this in the wrong way.  I'm putting in  a username and password native to the switch.  While I know that this is to take over for TFTP, maybe I'm not understading the way the software interacts with the equipment.  Thanks for your help in this.

Hi Charles,

Is your SSH setup correctly and is AAA enabled?

Do any of the debug commands help? debug ip scp?


I believe that I have ssh set up correctly.  I'm able to use a putty client set to use only ver 2 ssh and I can log in just fine.  I also am using AAA server.  I deleted the ssh key and generated a new one.  Tried to log in with WINSCP client, the program asked me to accept the new key but the program just hung again.  Does Cisco have a preferred SCP client?  Plus, I might be an idiot, could you lay out the steps that I should be going through to actually use SCP?  Thanks again.

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