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SG350X Stacking not working

Paul Ledbetter

I have a SG-350X-48MP and two SG350X-8PMD switches I am trying to stack.  Nothing seems to work.  They are connected via MM fiber optic cables via SFP modules between the XG ports of each switch.  Before setting up stacking they cascade just fine over those ports.  But Stacking shuts down those ports.  They all have been upgraded to firmware  I want the -48MP to be the Master and the other two to be the other members of the stack chain.  I've tried Native and Hybrid stacking.  I've used automatic ID numbering in this process.  Am I supposed to manually set ID 1 and leave the others to auto?   

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Reza Sharifi
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Hall of Fame Master

I am not familiar with this switch platform, but according to this link (step-4), you have to give each unit a number.



Paul Ledbetter

Reza thank you for the quick response.  If manual settings are required then why even offer the "Auto" setting?

Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



hard to say what you are missing. Auto ID should work fine.


Have a look at the guide below and check if you have missed a step...

Thank you Georg.  I've been over those instructions many times.  The only thing I didn't do was manually set the ID to "1" on my master per these instructions.  The instructions say I could have left it at Auto and I did.  Stacking ports on both ends are shut down. If I take them off stacking and connect a laptop to any switch I can see any part of my network and the Internet just fine.  My default gateway is connected to my -48P.  If I connect to either -8PMDs my connectivity is limited to just that particular switch once stacking is enabled. Does it matter which XG port is connected between switches?



the XG ports should not matter. I am not sure if you are in a position to test of this (stacking) works with Ethernet rather than fibre cables ?

Not easily; the switches are mounted about 200’ apart. I would have to disconnect them and bring them to the MDF and test them there.



I guess it is not a solution anyway: even if a copper connection would work, you could not implement it due to the distance. You need the fiber connection to work.


Just to be sure: and since you asked about the ports: you have the X and not the XG switches ?


The below applies when it comes to stack ports:


The following ports can be stack ports:
• XG Devices—All ports can be stack ports
• X Devices—The four XG uplink ports can be stack ports.



They are -X switches
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