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Simple port config question

I have a new SG250-18 as my new lab core switch.  All is well but one port for my access point.  Single flat /24 (172.16.30.x) and all is well.  This switch has a 2 port LAG over to it's 8 port counter part (SG200-8) to get to the my network edge device and to the Internet.  So to illustrate   SG200-18 _____2 port LAG____SG250-8____Netgear wireless router___Internet.

Everything attached to either switch is fine except I got a TP Link access point (TL-901ND) for my lab to support 3 wireless clients and when I boot it up, configure with an IP address in the current network, the wireless clients can't get to the Internet.  To troubleshoot, I have;

1. disabled\re-enabled STP

2. disabled\re-enabled flow control on the port (giga8) the AP is plugged into

3. Configured a 2nd VLAN, put that port in that new VLAN 2, re-addressed the AP but still can't get out. 

4. If I plug in the AP into the netgear router, all is well when I bypass the switch


Glad to post my very simple config, to further illustrate but what I am missing on this access point port config? 

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