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%SNMP-3-CPUHOG: Processing GetBulk of bsnMobileStationAuthenticationAlgorithm

On 3850 switches running IOS-XE 03.03.04SE, we are seeing the log file filled with the following entries:

%SNMP-3-CPUHOG: Processing GetBulk of bsnMobileStationAuthenticationAlgorithm

%SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (2870)msecs, more than (2000)msecs (5/5),process = SNMP ENGINE.

-Traceback= 1#58bc7daf4fe087af80f5f05af9e15bb7




ad nauseam

We are only using the 3850's for layer 2 access and no wireless functionality, other than our Cisco access points connect to them via a switchport. We have other similar 3850's in our environment that are not showing this error/bug/output.

Cisco bug ID is CSCuy15293, which is found under the Cisco 5700 Series Wireless LAN Controllers, and not the 3850 bug section.

Cisco recommends upgrading to IOS 03.03.05+.


Hello John, 

Hello John, 

This is a known issue, 

This version 3.3.4 is two years old, and the 3.3 train is not currently recommended after all the stability issues in a large number of features in that train. It's well publicized that the current recommendation for non-802.11ac networks is 3.6.4, and 3.7.3 for 802.11ac networks.

The best approach for overall stability and performance as well as addressing these undecoded tracebacks-- would be to upgrade to a recommended release.

Hope it helps!

Claudio Gonzalez S


Hi Claudio, thank you for the

Hi Claudio, thank you for the reply. We have been testing the 3.7.3 code on a few switches and that seems to be very stable.

A note of caution to all discussion readers, upgrading from 3.3.4 to 3.7.x has a one-time micro-code upgrade which takes 10-15 minutes on its own, in addition to the ten minutes to boot the 3850 switch.


Re: Hi Claudio, thank you for the

Did the new code fix the issue permanently?

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