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SNMP issue

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Hi Team,


We are getting the below error continuously in the switch :


269079: Apr 20 18:33:21.241 IST: %SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input

269080: Apr 20 18:33:26.309 IST: %SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input

269081: Apr 20 18:33:31.389 IST: %SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input

269082: Apr 20 18:33:36.477 IST: %SNMP-3-INPUT_QFULL_ERR: Packet dropped due to input



Device details:

Model: cisco WS-C4510R (MPC8245) processor (revision 7)

Version: Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500-ENTSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(53)SG4, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


Due to this we are getting as device unreachable in the monitoring systems.


When we stop the SNMP engine for  10 minutes and restart it the error messages are not seen for a while approx. 2 hours. After that the error message starts coming continuously.


Need your suggestions on this.


Kindly share your ideas related to IOS bug and SNMP configuration problems.






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From release notes (for the version you run) I can't see any related bugs.

At the same time I noticed, that the error is not rare and was observed on difference IOSs on different platforms, and the cause was a different MIBs.

So, I would suggest to try latest version (if possible) or raise a ticket to TAC.

In parallel you may try excluding different MIBs from SNMP views and see if it helps.

PS: as a weird workaround, I could suggest event management script with the message as a trigger, doing reset for SNMP engine.


we have the below SNMP configuration on our switch.

sh run | i snmp

snmp-server view cutdown iso included
snmp-server view cutdown at excluded
snmp-server view cutdown snmpUsmMIB excluded
snmp-server view cutdown snmpVacmMIB excluded
snmp-server view cutdown snmpCommunityMIB excluded
snmp-server view cutdown ip.21 excluded
snmp-server view cutdown ip.22 excluded
snmp-server view cutdown ciscoFlashMIB excluded
snmp-server view cutdown ciscoMgmt.359 excluded
snmp-server community cisco@123 RO 99
snmp-server community cisco@456 RW 99
snmp-server community public view cutdown RO
snmp-server community private view cutdown RW
snmp-server trap-source Vlan701
snmp-server location <removed>
snmp-server contact <removed>
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
snmp-server enable traps fru-ctrl
snmp-server enable traps entity
snmp-server enable traps flash insertion removal
snmp-server enable traps cpu threshold
snmp-server enable traps vtp
snmp-server enable traps vlancreate
snmp-server enable traps vlandelete
snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status
snmp-server enable traps config-copy
snmp-server enable traps config
snmp-server enable traps bridge newroot topologychange
snmp-server enable traps stpx inconsistency root-inconsistency loop-inconsistency
snmp-server enable traps vlan-membership
snmp-server enable traps mac-notification change move threshold
snmp-server host cisco@123
snmp-server host cisco@123
snmp-server host cisco@123
snmp-server host cisco@123
snmp-server host cisco@123
snmp-server host  cisco@123

Kindly do suggest if any of MIB's to be removed or added to resolve this issue.




Level 1
Level 1



Kindly request to share your suggestions.

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