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SSH Version 2 - Crypto Key

An IE-5000 switch was configured offline with SSH V2. Later it was connected to the domain it supposed to connect. SSH was working fine. The configuration was fully saved.

Thereafter there were several quick power resets, even before fully booting after a power reset there was another power reset etc., Later it was noticed that all except SSH was working. 

I logged into the switch using a console connection and observed that the Crypto key was not generated then. Eventhough I reload the switch it did not solve the problem. When I generated the crypto key again SSH started working. 

Any advise or suggestions on what could have happened would be highly appreciated.

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Re: SSH Version 2 - Crypto Key

for generating the crypto key, both hostname and domain name are used. (gives the key a "name")

when changing the domainname you should generate a new key and save the configuration.
my guess is after reboot there is no key for the new domainname (but still for the old?)

what key is active for ssh will show in the output from "show ip ssh" 




Re: SSH Version 2 - Crypto Key

Thanks for the reply. 

When I configured the ssh previously domain name was configured as well although it was not connected to the domain. Also before power cycling SSH was working when connected to the domain.

Will it has any effect of "no ip domain-name lookup" command?

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Re: SSH Version 2 - Crypto Key

>>> Will it has any effect of "no ip domain-name lookup" command? <<

not regarding the ssh key!

(no) ip domain lookup is to be able to use hostnames instead IP address in CLI commands

(ping versus ping

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