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Graham Murison

Strange issue connecting to C2960-X via ssh mgmt port

We have a catalyst 2960-x that I am not able to connect via ssh when connecting to the management port.
We have several but previously they were set up with "management" IP using interface VLAN commands.


It fails:
When I (laptop#1) am connected to switchport on Switch-A8 and try connect using ssh to
It works:
When I (laptop#1) am connected to switchport on Switch-C3 and try connect using ssh to

No configuration no cabling changes between tests.  Is this a bug perhaps? 

I wasn't able to find one using the bug search tool.

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Can you post "sh run" from the switch and point out the ports you are using to connect?


paul driver
VIP Expert


When I (laptop#1) am connected to switchport on Switch-C3 and try connect using ssh to

can you ping from that switch?

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Kind Regards
Georg Pauwen
VIP Master



post a diagram of your topology, showing how Switch-A8 and Switch-C3 are connected, and where IP address is configured. Also, post the configs of all switches involved.

Graham Murison

@Reza Sharifi Configs attached.  My workstation is connected to GigabitEthernet1/0/18

@paul driver I can ping from Switch-C3, I cannot ping from Switch-A3. 

@Georg Pauwen Diagram and configs attached

You have vlan 1 configured with an IP address and an SVI on C3 switch. That is fine. Now on switch a8, you don't have vlan 1 configured with SVI and IP, instead, you have assigned the IP address to the out-of-band management port (see below).

So, in summary, you are using in-band management on c3 switch and out-of-band management on a8 switch.

To remedy this, simply take the cable out of "interface fastethernet0" and delete the IP. Now, connected the same cable to an available port on the switch, and give interface vlan1 the same ip address (

interface vlan1

ip address

no sh

Now test connectivity

interface Vlan1
 ip address
interface FastEthernet0
 ip address


Graham Murison

@Reza Sharifi 
Thanks for this suggestions, however as per company policy we are moving towards out-of-band only for all of our switches.

I have changed C3 to out-of-band as well, but this doesn't fix the issue.