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SUP720 nbar support, (software or hardware)

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I know that the sup720/3B running at least 12.2(18)SXF7 supports nbar but it's processed in software. Does anyone know if a SUP7203BXL allows for processing in hardware? Any links pointing to docs on this would be great. I've looked around on CCO but didn't come up with much... It appears any search on nbar in regards to it running in hardware points toward the SUP32/PISA.


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Level 1

I think 3B and 3BXL refer to the size of the TCAM.NBAR is not hardware supported in sup720 and as you rightly said PISA is the hardware that supports NBAR.

3B and 3BXL comparision:

Yeah thats what I thought, thanks for the reply. I also asked our local SE and here is his response...

"NBAR is processed in software on all current platforms with the exception of the Sup32 w/h PISA. NBAR can classify stateful protocols with 300-byte packets with average flow lengths at 90 Mbps with just a 15 percent increase in CPU. For protocols classified by static port numbers, NBAR performs about the same as traditional access control lists (ACLs). NBAR is used a classification tool and classification is generally performed at the access. This is the reasoning why hardware support was first introduced in the Sup32 vs. the Sup720. Their are plans to later add PISA capability to the Sup720. The PISA card replaces MSFC2a and MSFC3 forwarding engines."

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