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Switch Configuration for VM (Transparent Bridge: Untangle)

I want to make our Untangle VM capable of vMotioning between the ESX servers of our cluster.

Please see the attached image to see my proposed solution.


I have duplicated the network vSwitch configurations across all three of our ESX servers specifically for the Untangle VM. The VM vMotions nicely from server to server as expected.

In order for my ASA Firewall to connect to all three ESX servers I put it on VLAN 05 as shown in the diagram. My users are are technically on VLAN 20 andI am trying to use the Untangle VM as a transparent bridge between the ASA and our network users.

This seems to work initially but then I end of will kinds of packet loss on my network. How do I properly configure my physical switch and corresponding vSwitches to accomplish this?

Note: I currently have the Untangle VM working on a standalone ESX server that has the ASA directly plugged into its physical NIC and it is working flawlessly. The goal is to get it into the cluster so that I can vMotion it around and have some HA. The migrated copy of the Untangle VM is in the cluster but currently turned off until I figure out how to properly configure the networking side.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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