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The 4507R-E sup6 does'nt boot from startup config


I have a 4507R-E switch with Sup6. after changing the running config, i did a copy run start, and its saved the usual way, but when i restarted the switch it went back to the initial configuration. the show ver shows the (configreg is 0x2102) which i believe is the right one?.

when I do boot config nvram:startup-config, it says no file name allowed (i am not sure this is right?)

would appretiate any help.


Andrew Gossett
Cisco Employee


Were there any errors/logs generated after you did the 'copy run start' or 'wr mem'?  You need only to ensure that the configuration register is set to 0x2102, this will automatically pull the start-up config after the IOS loads.  You do not need to explicit state the boot configuration file as the start-up config.

For more information regarding the configuration-register bits:

You can verify the boot variable and configuration register on the supervisor(s) via "show bootvar".  You can also verify that the startup config contains your current configurations before a reload via "show start".  Also, ensure that the boot statement matches the expected IOS stored in the bootflash/slot0.

Hope this helps,


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the reply, sorry for being delay, as you may guessed I have

fixed the problem and was busy setting up the Net with the edge switches.

as you mentioned, I have changed the configuration register to 0x2102, but

the problem was that I realize later was, that the system was not loading

the IOS either, let me explain (who may be interested in details), when the

system booted in to Rommon, and I did a dir or dir bootflash, the result was

nothing (I did not keep the print screen), the screen had the bootflash, and

slot0 with a line underneath with no ISO files, so I believed (rightly or

wrongly) there was no file. now I decided to boot from TFTP (I downloaded

the ISO from Cisco site - free - //tftp server IP/iso.bin after configuring

the fa1 port) and the system booted to IOS. before I was copying the new IOS

to bootflash I have done another dir, and I found that now it shows an IOS

file in the bootflash, and when I did a show bootvar, it showed all four

lines with an = sign only,. at this point I decided to reset the system

again, which obviously booted to Rommon again and then I used the command

"boot system flash bootflash:file name.bin, bingo, that worked, and now I

changed the confreg again back to 0x2102.

Thank you again, and one more thing if you may help, when try to download

the IOS from Cisco I have seen so many version (k9, ipbase, mz etc...) some

protected and some not, any explanation of this different versions?



k9 =  crypto image that supports SSH

mz = IOS image

vs  = ION image (modular code)

The other values are the particular feature set for the image, i.e. ipbase, advipservices, etc...  You can compare the differences between each feature using the comparison tool:

"Compare Images"