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The L3 switch doesn't create the "gateway of last resort"

            I'm trying to configure a L3 switch with some vlans.

Despite we add a "ip default-gateway", that is displayed on the "show run", when we look "show ip route" there is no default gateway or gateway of last resource.

On the show running we see the following:

interface vlan 31

ip address


interface vlan 32

ip address

interface vlan 36

ip address

ip default-gateway

One server connected to the vlan 32 is not able to ping the switch svi on vlan 36 (

When we look the "show ip route" we see that the default gateway is not set.

Ip routing is enabled on the switch. I tested the same configuration on my simultator and it works fine.

I'm attaching the "show running", "show version", "show protocols" and "show ip routing".

Could someone help me?


Message was edited by: Luiz Santos The ip routing is enabled on the switch!!

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Re: The L3 switch doesn't create the "gateway of last resort"

Hello Luiz,

IP routing is enabled

when ip routing is enabled, the command ip default-gateway is not effective

configure a static default route instead like

ip route 

the IP address has to be an address not defined locally on the switch, but that of a router that is directly connected in one Vlan.


on the PC on Vlan 32 the default gateway has to be set as the IP address of SVI Vlan32 on the switch in order to be able to ping another SVI on the device.

The lack of a gateway of last resort should not influence inter vlan routing.

Hope to help


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