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The magic of Broadcast/Network addresses !

hi, everyone!


I was in a situation little bit difficult, two old HP servers with vmware hypervisor 5.5, configured from another network! (have no idea about the config)

i had to backup the servers and i had no [username, password, ip address and NO VGA_Screen for output]

my mission was to access the iLO2 (management interface of the server)


Thanks GOD, i found as a solution:
** join the servers directly to switch VLAN_30 and ping the broadcast address

i had notice that only the devices with Static IP had reply {not with DHCP}, as the servers were configured statically i got the addresses

** then i made a network between the servers and my laptop using the mask /30

i was blocked by passwords:: wow!!
** i did bypass the password with a method called :: iLO Security Override [need physical access to the server]

then i could access Normally


Second thing and another scenario which is strange, when i put in the browser the ip addresses broadcast and network, the Cisco switch C3850 redirects me the its web page!

can i say from this experiences that :

1) the devices with DHCP configuration don't reply to broadcast ping, and the others configured statically Do always reply wether configured in the same or from other Network!

2) in point-to-point networks with /31 mask, broadcast and network addresses can be used as a normal addresses!

3) can someone explain the cisco c3850 scenario !


Best Regards!