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Tracebacks In Router Logs



I have a 6509 that is giving me some traceback errors. I am not sure what service is hanging can anyone give me some insight? Here is a snippet from the logs:

Oct 7 08:12:28.714 EDT: %SYS-SPSTBY-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (20000)msecs, more than (2000)msecs (12/5),process = CHKPT rcv MSG process.

-Traceback= 40259A54 40F8F00C 40F3A710 410B493C 40801348 40F62278 40F62594 40F62B9C 407C8CD4 40F6250C 407C8CD4 40F635C8 40F5E85C 40F5EA20 40F53058 40F45C84

This is all through the logs any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Mario,

this message comes from the standby supervisor


and tells a process has used more then 2000 msecs of standby sup main cpu.

That process is CHKPT that is checking a message.

Standby processor should just process packets sent by active supervisor to keep its CEF and other tables updated.

This point to problems in communication between supervisors.

The traceback is a low level extract from memory about the error described in the first message.

This may be a sign of an HW problem or you may be hitting a sw bug in the redundancy feature.

To make a search about possible bugs you should provide the IOS image in use in your chassis.

From a practical point of view if you see several messages like this it can be a real issue that can come before an HW failure of standby supervisor for example.

If it happens only few times it is less critical.

Hope to help



Thanks this helps a lot now I know where to start troubleshooting. If it is a known bug do I still have to be worried about a hardware issue?


Hello Mario,

>> If it is a known bug do I still have to be worried about a hardware issue?

if you find a sw bug that applies to your scenario this would lead to an IOS upgrade and not to an HW replacement.

Generally speaking, the problem is that it may be difficult to find an exact match.

Hope to help




Started seeing this a few days ago on a 6509 running 12.2(33)SXH1  At first I thought it was software, but then the Supervisors failed over and now it looks like a hardware issue. 

johnnylingo - did youresolve this problem - was it a hardware issue?

I'm seeing the same on a standby supervisor 32 running a similar version of code to you - 12.2(33)SXH2a

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