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Trunk Question and VLAN question (CatOS vs IOS).


First I want to say thank you for any help, here it goes. I have two 6509's running CatOS and we are bringing online a new 6509 running IOS and im not sure on a few things and the config conversion tool isnt to great. First the trunk....

This is the CatOS side.

set trunk 1/1 on dot1q 1-1005,1025-4094

set spantree portfast 1/1 disable

Now is this correct for the IOS side?

(on the correct interface of course)

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

And the other part of my question is all our other switch's run CatOS so our VLAN configuration is like so.


set vtp domain iha

set vtp mode client vlan

set vtp passwd dlt

My understanding that this pulls all the info from our cores for the VLANs now how do we do this in IOS?

And lastly in CatOS you IP the switch using this command.

set interface sc0 10

Is there an equivalent command for IOS? Thanks again.

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VIP Alumni

The cores must be set as the servers if they are pulling vlan info from there . Myself I would manually prune any vlans not needed off the trunks .

IOS side

IOS trunk

switchport trunk encap dot1q

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk native vlan X (must match the native of the uplink).

vtp domain iha

vtp mode client

vtp password xxx



int vlan 10

ip address 10.10.10.X

no shut

How you handle the default gateway depends if you turned off ip routing on the new 6500's , if so then use the ip default gateway command , if routing is still turned on then use a default static route .

Hey thanks alot.

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